The Little Red Digest for May 6, 2013

The El Mocambo is shutting down for at least a few months. Neutral Milk Hotel announced a reunion. Brooklyn renamed a park in honour of Adam Yauch. Arne Svenson took secret photos of his neighbours in Tribeca. Vulture defended Garden State. Someone made anatomically-correct crocheted skeletons. Two dozen parents were awesome. A high school student in Florida was expelled and charged for felony after her science project went wrong. A plane in Glasgow almost crashed into a UFO. They built a fire-breathing dragon bridge in Vietnam. Mountaineers fought their Sherpa guides on Mount Everest. A lot of sharks died. In Brisbane, a golf course has sharks in its water hazards. Ancient Greek statues were painted really weird colours. The first European painting of the First Nations was maybe discovered in the Vatican. Stephen Harper tried to seize more control over the CBC, appointed his own bodyguard as ambassador to Jordan and Iraq, and became a hipster meme. Canada broke international law in support of the American War on Drugs. 165,000 people cast improper ballots in the last Canadian election — and thanks to budget cuts, the problem won't be fixed before the next one. Someone finally filed a complaint against the Ford brothers' bullshit radio show. Montreal announced a bullshit street food plan. Toronto's sewers were turned into art. In the 1970s, nobody wanted to talk about an openly gay baseball player. A student reasearched the history of Chatelaine and Canadian nationalism. Cosmarxpolitan was a thing.


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