The Stuff of 2013: The Arts & Crafts Field Trip Festival

It was an overwhelmingly shitty year for the city of Toronto. Ice storms, floods, crack cocaine. But there were more than a few good memories mixed in with all the bad ones. One of the best was the chance to celebrate the 10th anniversary of one of the greatest music labels in the world: Arts & Crafts. To mark the occasion, the Torontonian imprint threw a giant party at Fork York, bringing together some of the biggest names on their roster, including Feist, Stars, Bloc Party, Hayden, Dan Mangan, Timber Timbre and, of course, Broken Social Scene (playing the entirely of their greatest album, You Forgot It In People). It was a timely reminder that our city is much, much more than just our Mayor. "Remember it's the people that make Toronto a great city, not the politicians," as BSS frontman Kevin Drew said before the show. It was also a chance to reflect back on what these bands — and this label — has meant to us personally over the years. And to remember some of the reasons we started writing about music in the first place, as our Managing Editor Cody McGraw wrote here.


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