What To Watch On Netflix This Weekend: Friday Night Lights by Alex Snider

Do you like characters who are good people and who are just trying to do their best for themselves and their families?

Do you like looking at beautiful people?

Do you like a lot of eye acting (ie the face remains neutral while the eyes over-emote)?

Do you like coaches who will go to any lengths for the young people in their care?

Do you like coaches who when asked why they're helping kids who aren't even on the team anymore, who don't even go to the high school, reply "I just need for something good to happen"?

Do you like tense sports moments that are less about the game and more about the emotional wellbeing of the athletes and their loved ones? What about shots of each of those characters faces?

Do you like watching ragtag groups of characters overcome their differences to band together and support one another through their trials and tribulations?

Do you like having your eyes well up several times in a 45 minute period out of pure uncut empathy?

Do you like it when parents or caregivers are proud of their kids? Maybe for the first time ever? Like they didn't even realize that their kid had it in them to be such a stand up person??

Do you like Connie Britton? OF COURSE YOU DO NEXT QUESTION.

Do you like shots of characters' faces when they realize for the first time that someone is proud of them?

What about when handsome young men tackle each other in the rain?

What about when this particular handsome man stands in the rain, his long hair just dripping in his face, eyes just emoting all kinds of emotions...

Do you like soft Texas drawls?

Do you like inspirational speeches? And inspirational team tag-lines?

Do you like emotionally wrought speeches about potential given to struggling teenagers with shiny eyes by adults, also with shiny eyes? Eyes that are shiny because of all the emotion-water?

What about story-lines about caregivers with dementia? Parents in Iraq? Teenage alcoholics? Paralyzed star players? Steroids? Racism? Lost scholarships? Christian power-metal bands named Crucifictorious?  MURDER?

What about watching kids, from a small no-nothing town who never thought they'd amount to anything, find out that they got into college?

Do you like pep talks given by unlikely characters, characters you didn't think were sober enough to know what day it was let alone the source of the pain/confusion/anger that was tripping up a younger character?

Do you like Leighton Meester? Then you'll definitely like Minka Kelly.

Do you like shots of characters' faces when they realize for the first time that someone believes in them?

Do you like perfect soft pop accompaniments to montages that only serve to amp up the emotional quotient?

Do you like bittersweet moments?

What about perfect marriages? Do you feel good about perfect marriages? Like real perfect marriages not fairy tale marriages but solid, respectful unions between equals?

What about Applebees? Could you watch a show set in a town whose only three establishments (aside from the high school) seem to be that dive bar filled with grizzled beardos and under-supervised teenagers with drinking problems, the local burger joint and an Applebees? (EDIT: There's also a strip club called The Landing Strip. Do you like mildly clever strip club names?)

Do you like weddings where the whole town is inexplicably present (you are happy to know that they're close enough to celebrate blessed unions even if you had no idea they ever even said hello at  the local Applebees) and dancing together while one or two characters look on, knowing that everything is about to change but that they want to savour this one last night where everything is the same?

Did you like Todd on Breaking Bad? Because he's on FNL.

Do you like settling into a soft-coccoon of gauzy, comforting wellness when you watch TV?

Do you like wet eyes?

Do you like feelings?

Do you like melodrama?

Do you like football?

Then you should probably spend the weekend binge watching Friday Night Lights.

Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can't lose.


Alex Snider cries just thinking about FNL. Follow her on Twitter where she'll be super active for a week then be quiet for months – she's a social media cicada. 


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