Irregular Haiku: "It Was Pretty Gross, Guys" by Sachin Hingoo

A mouldy sandwich/It lurks deep inside my fridge/I will still eat it.

It was pretty gross, guys.

"Irregular Haiku" is a series of haikus by Sachin Hingoo, each inspired by a photograph, which we post every couple of weeks or so. To submit a photo for consideration, email it to us at

Sachin Hingoo is a freelance writer when he is not working at an office job that is purpose-built for paying the bills while he works as a freelance writer.  His writing has appeared on, the CBC Street Level Blog,, and The Midnight Madness Blog for the Toronto International Film Festival. He has also been featured at Toronto lecture series Trampoline Hall (which is rumored to be excellent). His mutant power is 'feigning interest'. You can read all of his posts here.


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