CMW 2011: MEN @ Sneaky Dee's by Stephanie Cloutier

SATURDAY - Everyone got wet as JD Samson took the stage and I'm not talking about sweat. The androgynous singer and member of the legendary electroclash band, Le Tigre, has a certain aura about her that's undeniable. The air was thick and Sneaky Dee's was filled to the gills. MEN promptly took to the stage at 10:15pm which began a high that didn't fade until they left.

The Brooklyn-based group are part of a performance art collective so it came to no surprise that they had something planned. Before going on stage, a large pink, triangle-shaped head gear lied on the floor, which was made of tubes and bicycle helmet connected to each other. When MEN took the stage, each carefully lifted the head gear and placed on their heads, and performed with it for the first song. Odd, yes, but not unusual for the band who are known for adding an element of art to their performances.

The energy in the room was palpable; you couldn't help but jump up and down to MEN's upbeat music. Catchy and infectious, you felt the floor bounce as the trio performed the majority of their songs from their first full-length album, Talk About Body. Songs like "Off Our Backs", "Boom Boom Boom" and "Who Am I To Feel So Free" generated the most excitement. Even guitarist Micheal O'Reilly's birthday celebrations, which included cute cupcakes and distributed to the audience, were greeted with much fanfare.

Despite having to leave the stage at 11pm, the crowd would not allow it and eagerly requested an encore. MEN is one of the most fun bands I've seen of late and one I wouldn't dare miss again.

Photos by Stephanie Cloutier

Stephanie Cloutier is a photographer, writer, and a wannabe lady of leisure. Her work has appeared in NOW Magazine, blogTO and SoundProof Magazine. You can find her posts here, find more of her work on her website here, follow her on Twitter (@stephcloutier) and e-mail her at


Anonymous said...

Great review and photos, Steph! I had an awesome time at the show, and would jump at the chance to see MEN again.

Stephanie Cloutier said...

Thanks Avitania! I'll be there with you to see MEN again too!

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