CMW 2011: The Pack a.d. @ Bovine Sex Club by Stephanie Cloutier

FRIDAY - So far, one of my CMW highlights has been to finally see the Pack a.d. live.

The Bovine Sex Club was filled wall-to-wall as the Vancouver duo took the stage and unleashed their brand of garage rock and blues with true grit to fans like me.

Ever since their third album We Kill Computers assaulted my eardrums, I have been wanting to check them out live but the timing was never right. However, this year's an exception: instead of playing just one show, they're playing three so if last night's show didn't cure my fix, I have two other chances. This is perfect timing; after months of touring, they'll be heading back to the studio to record a new album with the help of legendary producer Jim Diamond. The time to see them is now.

Singer-guitarist Becky Black sings loudly and plays her guitar with fervor but is also somewhat shy. Meanwhile drummer Maya Miller kept the mood light with her wit and sense of humour in between songs. Their onstage personalities compliment their music perfectly and are just a great live act.

If you missed last night's show, here's your chance to see them before they lock themselves up in the studio for a while. Catch them tonight at 10pm at Wrongbar and Sunday night at 10:10pm at the Horseshoe.

Do yourself a favour and go and see them now!

Photos by Stephanie Cloutier

Stephanie Cloutier is a photographer, writer, and a wannabe lady of leisure. Her work has appeared in NOW Magazine, blogTO and SoundProof Magazine. You can find her posts here, find more of her work on her website here, follow her on Twitter (@stephcloutier) and e-mail her at


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