CMW 2011 Photos: Live Near Bellwoods Part 1 by Melanie Baresic

THURSDAY - The Toronto Institute for the Enjoyment of Music sits in the midst of Queen West, tucked away between the bustle of Bathurst Street and the serenity of Trinity Bellwoods Park. But for the first of three afternoons of CMW, the music school is transformed to play host to Live Near Bellwoods, an indoor concert series featuring some of the best live acts in the country.

Thursday's edition was headlined by Rich Aucoin and supported by Allie Hughes, Paper Lions, Wool on Wolves, Behind Sapphire, Hands & Teeth and The Elwins.

The Elwins

Hands & Teeth

Behind Sapphire

Wool on Wolves

Paper Lions

Allie Hughes

Rich Aucoin

Photos: Melanie Baresic

Melanie Baresic is a Toronto-based freelance photographer with a passion for high fashion and experimentation. Be it quirky or beautiful, she can shoot it all and wants to do it all. You can reach her by e-mail at


CodyMcGraw said...

Unbelievable photos from an unbelievable afternoon.

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