Little Red CMW Recommendations: Wednesday

Gladstone Hotel, 11:30pm

One of our favourite singer-songwriters and performers, Reg is always great to experience. All of us try to see him whenever we can, and really, he gives us plenty of chances but we have a feeling there’s going to be something really special at this show. Fingers crossed for his “Wild Heart” cover. 

MP3: "We're In A Thunderstorm" by Gentleman Reg
Video: "How We Exit" by Gentleman Reg

Phoenix Concert Theatre, 9:30pm

Exactly how is this band not rich and famous yet? Led by the drop dead gorgeous (looks AND voice) Elise LeGrow, this band is one of Toronto’s best live bands that miraculously remains unsigned and albumless. Hopefully their opening slot with Mother Mother gives them that extra boost they deserve.

MP3: "Hibernation Song" by Whale Tooth
Video: "Big City Lover" by Whale Tooth


Drake Underground 10pm

It's kind of hard to remember, what with the internet have blasted away the musical boundaries between nations in so many ways, but UK bands still have to "break America". Case in point: Gabby Young. The opera singer turned weirdo indie popster has played Glastonbury and been in all the papers on the far side of the pond. But over hear, we still get to see in tiny little venues like the Gladstone.

MP3: "Ladies Of The Lake" by Gabby Young
Video: "We're All In This Together" by Gabby Young

Phoenix Concert Theatre, 11:30pm

We usually wait until Thursday before launching ourselves full force into the festival craziness, but the last couple of years CMW has been showing off with an especially tempting Wednesday night. This year, as if Whale Tooth, Gabby Young and Gentleman Reg weren't enough, they've got one of our favourite bands in Canada, Mother Mother, hitting the stage of the Phoenix. Sleep? Pfft! Who needs it?

MP3: "Baby Don't Dance" by Mother Mother
Video: "O My Heart"  by Mother Mother

Photo: Gentleman Reg


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