Photographers To Watch: Eugen Sakhnenko

Eugen Sakhnenko photographs people and the spaces they create. Whether a personal project or a commissioned job his images are highly technical and conceptually driven. The result is consistently captivating pictures that are as confrontational as they are revealing, rich in meaning that goes beyond their initial beauty.

Having lived in major cities all his life – Kiev, New York, and now Toronto – Eugen's work has an urban focus, often exploring themes of access, technology, and contemporary culture. His photographs have been exhibited and published internationally.

Shelf Life explores how we store and spread knowledge through spaces of information storage. The different media and the locations that house them often restrict the spread of information due to their inherent qualities. For the first time in history, it is technologically possible to have universal access to all knowledge because of new media. As a society we must make sure we do not artificially impose the restrictions of the old onto the new. Shelf Life shows both the similarities and the contradictions that these spaces possess. Shelf Life is currently showing at Toronto Image Works until April 30. 


For interior and architectural work, Eugen is represented by A-Frame. He is also the co-founder of Knock Twice – a blog dedicated to assisting and informing budding creative professionals. Visit him online at  and follow him on @eugen_s


Stephanie Cloutier said...

Love the work. Congrats Eugen on being featured!

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