Songs You Can Dance Around Your Apartment To, Volume 5

T. S. Eliot knew his shit. April is the cruelest month. When we posted the last one of these, two weeks ago, it was in celebration of the impending Spring. Now it's kind of cold out and raining and we're dancing to forget that Spring sometimes means that it's cold out and raining. Luckily we've got T. Rex, Belle & Sebastian. Yeasayer, The Jam and more.


1. "And Begin" - The Mooney Suzuki
2. "What Goes On" - The Velvet Underground
3. "The Boy With The Arab Strap" - Belle & Sebastian
4. "A Town Called Malice" - The Jam
5. "99 Luftballoons" - Nena
6. "Home" - The Suzan
7. "Let's Twist Again" - Chubbie Checker
8. "The Breakdown, Pt. 1" - Rufus Thomas
9. "Mary Mary" - The Monkees
10. "Born To Boogie" - T. Rex
11. "Mondegreen" - Yeasayer

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