NXNE 2011: Candy Coated Killahz @ The Gladstone Hotel Ballroom by Laurie McGregor

SATURDAY - We were tired. It was Saturday, we'd been out until 4am for the previous three nights and had just left a bit of a disappointing time at Yonge & Dundas Square. We were looking for a bit of a pick me up. We headed over to the Gladstone Hotel Ballroom, following the buzz about local electro-ghettotronic group, Candy Coated Killahz, and got exactly the kind of energy boost we needed.

Setting the tone of the night with their hit single, “Neon Black”, CCK launched into a set full of high-energy, electric awesomeness. Often breaking into perfectly choreographed dance routines, leads Tasha Schumann and Icon the Anomali kept the crowd engaged with their chemistry and captivating stage presence. They had everyone dancing along from their very first beat, laid down by their talented DJ, Danthrax. They deserve all the attention paid to them lately - “Neon Black” has been getting mad love on the radio, has made it onto the Much Music Video countdowns, and was also nominated for an MMVA this year.

While the dance party at the Gladstone didn’t get as crazy as we’ve heard their parties can get (a couple of years back, they had their set at a huge warehouse party shut down by about 14 police cars, and had their gear seized!), we could see how it would have turned into a sexy, sweaty mess had they had a later time-slot and a much longer set. Regardless, it was a really fun show, and we’re only sad that we didn’t get around to checking out these guys sooner.

Photos by Laurie McGregor

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