Designers To Watch: Jennifer Fukushima

Today we launch a new, hopefully regular-ish feature on The Little Red Umbrella, in which we talk to awesome, local, up-and-coming fashion designers about them being awesome. We're starting things off with Jennifer Fukushima, found of Paper People Clothing.

"I started Paper People in 2001 as a line of handbags. Living in Thunder Bay, Ontario the fabric selection was quite slim so I elected to use pickings from the Salvation Army Thrift Store instead of new fabrics. A few years later I relocated to Toronto to attend Ryerson University for fashion design and began designing tops from reclaimed t-shirts. Things have evolved over the years and I’m now carried at boutiques across Canada.

"What I enjoy most is working with an eclectic selection of materials so that every garment is a textural, tonal collage of textiles.

"It has always been important to me to stay local. All of our vintage is sourced locally and all of our clothes are cut and sewn in Toronto.

"The fashion industry has a bad reputation for so many reasons: pushing over consumption, promoting false ideals of beauty and decadent lifestyles, environmental degradation and human rights violations just to name a few. It’s an embarrassing industry to be a part of and we try whenever we can to counter these practices and provide a sound yet stylish alternative."

Paper People is an eco-conscious label specializing in reclaimed designs.  Clothing is available at independent boutiques across Canada.  For a full listing visit:


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