Songs You Can Dance Around Your Apartment To, Volume 14

We have somehow managed to make it all the way to Volume 14 of Songs You Can Dance Around Your Apartment To without including the Spice Girls. Given that we were only even being mildly ironic when we went to their reunion show at the ACC, that's kind of amazing. Plus this week, there's Rich Aucoin, The Meligrove Band, Hot Chip and more.


1. "Let's Rave On" - The Raveonettes
2. "Jenny, Jenny" - The Sonics
3. "Can I Speak To Shawna?" - The Miles
4. "Making Time" - Creation
5. "Bones Attack!!" - The Meligrove Band
6. "Undead" - Rich Aucoin
7. "Wrestlers" - Hot Chip
8. "New In Town" - Little Boots
9. "Seven Nation Army" - Ben l'Oncle Soul
10. "Who Do You Think You Are" - The Spice Girls
11. "I Know What Boys Like" - Waitresses
12. "No One Said This Would Be Easy" - The Postmarks

You can find every edition of Songs You Can Dance Around Your Apartment To here. If you are the copyright holder of any song included in this podcast and would like it removed, please contact us.

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