The Boob Tube Review: September 26, 2011

We Little Red Umbrella folk watch a lot of TV. Like a lot a lot. And what's the point of having a site like his if not to trick ourselves into thinking we're being productive by writing about all the entertainment we take in? And so.... welcome to our new feature: The Boob Tube Review. Every week we'll be writing our random, scattered thoughts about what we've been tuning in to watch. Or, uh, more realistically, downloading and streaming. And what better time to start than at the beginning of a whole new television season? So here we go.

Oh and beware: there are going to be spoilers like crazy.

The Office: "The List"
Season 8, Episode 1, NBC

Well, Andy Bernard (Ed Helms) is the new boss and it's sort of weird considering he's a notoriously shitty salesman. But at least he isn't as weird as James Spader's enigmatic Robert California. I'm still on the fence about where the show is going but I'll keep an open mind. For now. I say that only because I love Erin Hannon (Ellie Kemper). - Cody McGraw

Parks and Recreation, "I'm Leslie Knope"

Season 3, Episode 1, NBC

Of all the season premiers that aired this past week, I think this one has me the most excited. One of my favourite parts of Parks and Recreation is the political satire (Slate has a pretty good article about what they make of it over here). And with Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) know running for office, it looks like they'll have plenty of opportunities to expand on it this season. Heck, they kind of leapt right into it this week with the subplot about government bureaucrats texting photos of their penises, in a hilarious echo of the Anthony Weiner's weiner scandal. - AB

Pan Am: "Pilot"
Season 1, Episode 1, ABC

I only made it about halfway through the very first episode of the new ABC period piece before deciding that I would really rather spend my time rewatching the season premiers of Parks & Rec and Community instead. It did have nice costumes, though. And Christina Ricci. (And also a weird amount of CGI.) But there weren't any hints of Mad Men-style dramatic nuance or any characters who felt especially compelling. Soooo this one's off my watch-list unless someone I trust starts gushing about it.

I wouldn't have even bothered to include it here, except that it gives me the opportunity to make a joke about it being the pilot for a show about pilots. Groan, I know. Sorry. - AB

Modern Family: "Dude Ranch", "When Good Kids Go Bad"
Season 3, Episodes 1 and 2, ABC

We were all pretty disappointed by the second season of Modern Family — they seemed to reuse a lot of the first season's jokes and let some of the characters get a little too over the top (coughLukeandCamcough). But the third season started out strong this week with two new episodes. The family's trip to the ranch was, yes, yet another trip episode, but funny enough anyway. And I'm hoping the whole Cam and Mitchell adopting another child thing, might just give their getting-old-fast storyline some fresh material to work with. - Adam Bunch

Up All Night: "Cool Neighbors"
Season 1, Episode 2, NBC 

Quickly becoming our favourite new show of the season, Up All Night just keeps getting better and better. This week Reagan (Christina Applegate) and Chris (Will Arnett) try to act cool around their new neighbours and quickly figure out that now they have a baby they can't be as laid back as before. Throw in the Oprah-like Ava (Maya Rudolph) getting insecure over the baby not loving her like the rest of the world does and you have one hilarious evening. - CM

Agreed! This is easily the new show I'm most excited about this season. (Especially after seeing Zooey Deschanel's not very awesome at all New Girl.) Granted, I'd probably be trying to like it even it wasn't any good, just so I could see Will Arnett and Maya Rudolph on my television screen every week, but these first couple of episodes have been oh-so-promising. - AB

Charlie's Angels: "Angel With a Broken Wing"
Season 1, Episode 1, ABC

WOW if you're into horrible acting and writing then look no further than the totally unnecessary remake of Charlie's Angels. Where the movies were fun and campy, this new show takes itself way too seriously and filled with forced, uncharismatic performances. This isn't CSI: Boobs. That sound you hear is Farrah Fawcett and John Forsythe spinning in their graves.  - CM

Criminal Minds: "It Takes A Village"
Season 7, Episode 1, CTV

The dream team is finally reunited and back together after losing two of their lead women last season. This first episode brings JJ back from the Pentagon and Emily back from the "dead". Aaron Hotchner (formerly Dharma's Greg) reveals to the rest of the team that Emily is alive and had been given a new identity for her protection, and quickly apologizes for the trauma that attending a fake funeral for a friend may have inflicted. Last season's newcomer Ashley Seaver (the lesser, blander version of JJ), has conveniently been transferred to another unit never to be seen again. Now that everyone who belongs on the show is back and Doyle is dead, the team can resume their crime fighting awesomeness. Awesome! - Carmen Cheung


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