Book Covers: Pretty Birds by Alex Snider

Two things I learned while compiling this collection of book covers featuring birds:

1. They are pretty hot shit in the book design world, there are tonnes of books with birds on the covers (I'm imagining graphic designers hemming and hawing over what to do and then someone is always like "put a bird on it" because they either are really in touch with trends involving wildlife or they watch Portlandia).

2. Birds can be terrifying in real life but a really jacked pigeon? Superdove is haunting my dreams like a flying muscley, disease-ridden, cooing street tough about to shake me down for pocket change and cigarettes. Although, I might be mildly aroused by his pecks. Just kidding! Or am I... I am. I totally am. Superdove!

Alex Snider sometimes judges books by their covers. This post originally appeared at her blog, What Fresh Hell is This?. She is also seriously rethinking the question mark in the blog name given the awkwardness of double punctuation.  


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