Book Covers: Type by Alex Snider

Being a person with some neurotic tendencies, I sometimes dwell on things I feel I should've done. Like I feel like I've failed at this Book Covers series, horribly, because the first post should have been this one. This is kind of where it all began (I don't actually know that, but it seems really possible doesn't it? Like the first book covers would have been pretty no frills and just the title and author) and at any rate I really dig type (shoot, just remembered Gutenberg. Fucking illumination). Ok, so it's not originally where book design was born but it's still really amazing what designers are able to do using just words and colour. Words! So great! 

But unfortunately I didn't think to lead the series with this collection and now I'm probably going to fail at my entire life and wind up living in my someone's attic like the sister in Pet Sematary (minus the... meningitis??!). Oh well, here it is anyway even though everything is ruined.

Alex Snider sometimes judges books by their covers. A version of this post originally appeared at her blog, What Fresh Hell is This?


Robert Gerber said...

about 10% of these covers made me blink and ask myself 'what the flying fuck does this say?' after running into a few of them i grew disgusted and stopped trying.

a lot of these covers were innovative and really looked cool.

about 10% blew my mind and made me think 'i really need to read this book now', or at least struck me as really awesome art. amazing what you can do with text regardless of what it's saying.

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