Photo Gallery: Occupy Toronto by Chris Little and Carmen Cheung

A week into Occupy Toronto, it seems that the movement is still in its early stages — still feeling things out, still getting a sense of itself. And the tents in St. James Park are still spreading, with new ones seeming to spring up every morning. We've popped by now and then over the course of the last seven days, cameras in hand, and swung by the opening march last weekend as well. Here are some of our favourite images as captured by Chris Little and Carmen Cheung.


Chris Little is a Toronto-based Photographer and Media Producer. His work, as seen in print, in galleries and on-line focuses mainly on documentary principals, but is known to veer off in unexpected directions. His work can be found here and at his website

Carmen Cheung is the Photo Editor of The Little Red Umbrella, Toronto-based freelance photographer and former Photo Editor of SoundProof Magazine. You can find more of her work on her website here and follow her on Twitter (@carmencheung).


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