It's The Little Red Umbrella Variety Spectacular! This Friday!

We’re pleased as punch to announce the very first ever Little Red Umbrella Variety Spectacular. It’s 100% free with 10% of bar sales going to support the AIDS Committee of Toronto. (So for once, the more you drink the better the world will get – instead of it just feeling that way.)

A stripped-down version of Tomboyfriend, one of our very favourite bands, will play rock ‘n’ roll as the TOMBOYFRIEND HOUSE CABARET. (You can download a couple of MP3s and read our review of their theatrical North By Northeast set here.)

Author BONNIE BOWMAN will read some of the awesomest parts from her awesome book, Spaz, about a guy with a weird foot fetish. (We interviewed her back in February, which you can read here.)

Comedian JORDAN FOISY will make you laugh by being funny while standing up. (Check him out on YouTube here.)

Our Managing Editor, CODY MCGRAW, will present a live version of his popular/offensive advice column, “Ask Cody”. (You can read the non-live version here.)

Our Editor-in-Chief, ADAM BUNCH, author of the Toronto Dreams Project Historical Ephemera Blog, will tell stories about drunk authors in Toronto. (You can read some of his other stories from the history of our city here.)

Plus: some sort of weird audience participation trivia thing, juvenile jokes about baseball and sex, and other stuff we haven’t figured out yet.

And then DJ FLEX ROCK will play SONGS YOU COULD DANCE AROUND YOUR APARTMENT TO (if you weren’t already dancing around the Holy Oak to them instead) into the wee hours of the morning.

This is going to be way better than going home for Thanksgiving. So head on over to our Facebook invite and click "attending".


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