Book Covers: Horsies by Alex Snider

I have a real thing for horses. And not a thing for horses, you pervert. But I just really like them, they're real nice animals, y'know? They have kind eyes. I'm lucky because I live with someone who loves horses just as much as I do. From where I'm sitting in our living room I can see three ceramic horses, one horse lamp, seven painted horses and two unicorns (basically horses, right?). Oh and we have a displayed copy of Dude Ranch Nurse. Incidentally, I'm also wearing a blouse with horses on it. No I'm not. But I do have one. That would seem too coincidental, right? As if I can only write about things when I'm somehow (literally) draped in the material? I'm writing a paper on the media's response to the Oka crisis right now so I don't even want to think about what I'd have to wear to get into the mood for that... Something from Urban Outfitters probably... Anyway, like I said, we're really into horses.


Alex Snider sometimes judges books by their covers. A version of this post originally appeared at her blog, What Fresh Hell is This?

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