The Stuff of 2011: The Second Season of Louie

By the end of the first season, Louie was already one of our favourite shows: the depressing and yet hilarious tale of Louis C.K., a divorced single father raising his daughters and doing stand-up while wrestling with mortality and the meaningless absurdity of the world. By the end of the second season, which aired over the course of this summer, we were convinced that we were witnessing one of the greatest sitcom seasons television has ever produced.

There's the hour-long episode about ducklings and the war in Afghanistan. An entire half-hour dedicated to an (incredibly intelligent) exploration of the morality of masturbation. Storylines about suicide, racism, love, sex, family, the terror of violence, a decapitated head. There are guest appearances by Joan Rivers and Dane Cook and they are both somehow absolutely freaking amazing. There are sharp, poignant and entertaining moments with his daughters. Disturbing and upsetting moments with street thugs and desperate lovers. And an air guitar performance of The Who's "Who Are You".

It was, in short, one of the best things we've ever seen on TV.

Louis C.K. discussed the season, episode-by-episode, with the AV club here. And here's a for-some-reason mirror-imaged clip from the masturbation episode:


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The second season of Louie was chosen by Adam Bunch, the Editor-in-Chief of the Little Red Umbrella and the creator of the Toronto Dreams Project. You can read his posts here, follow him on Twitter here, or email him at


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