Illustrator To Watch: Lisa Nishimura

We're pretty big fans of Lisa Nishimura's illustration. And so, we figured we'd get her to tell you a little bit about herself:

"I studied illustration and design in school but found work as a graphic designer and pretty much stopped drawing altogether. About a year ago, I met Marcus from à la mode [adj. fusion of effects] and it was with his encouragement that I started my blog Sketch and Pixel and started to draw again.

"Fashion illustration merges two loves of mine. It's the perfect combination really. I call it my second job because having a blog and having followers makes it a commitment to create new content even though I do most of my illustrations or blog posts for myself. This is definitely a good thing because I can be the worst/best procrastinator.

"I think my style of drawing has evolved and become more refined over the past year and hopefully I'll continue to improve and master new techniques. The best part about it, is that there's alway a new season with new collections to draw and to inspire me."


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