And You Were Worried Republican Candidates Weren't Exploiting Racial Tensions Enough

Pete Hoekstra was once a Congressman in Michigan. He made headlines in 2006 when he falsely announced that Weapons of Mass Destruction had been found in Iraq. Then again the very next year, when the New York Times suggested that information on his website could help terrorists build their own nuclear weapons. And then yet again in 2009, when he tweeted that Iranians using Twitter during their democratic uprisings against a brutally repressive and violent regime were a lot like Republicans who tweeted when Congress was once adjourned early by Nancy Pelosi. (That one kicked off an entire internet meme.) In 2010, he ran for Governor, but lost the primary. Then he got a job with the amazingly named lobbyist group Dickstein Shapiro. Now, he's running for the Senate. He'd like to replace Democrat Debbie Stabenow, who he claims is too supportive of government spending. And in the hopes that it'll help him beat her, he ran this ad during the Super Bowl last night.

The Hoekstra campaign defends the ad, telling Fox News that it's "satirical" and highlights just how frighteningly well-educated Chinese students are.


Anonymous said...

A yellow peril ad? Really? Tasteless and racist, yes. But also delightfully out of touch.

Adam Bunch said...

Interestingly, a poll just came out suggesting the reaction to the ad was, as you'd hope, overwhelming negative:

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