The Boob Tube Review: 2 Broke Girls, Season 1, Ep. 15

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 Holy smokes, what a train wreck this show is. This episode, coming just a few weeks after co-creator Michael Patrick King's petulant meltdown when faced with criticism that the show relies too heavily on racial stereotypes, gives the haters (i.e. non-bigots) a big fuck you. 

First we had the usual cast of one dimensional racialized merry men: Oleg the Eastern European creepster, Earl who just wandered off a Blaxploitation set and exists seemingly only for quippy comments, and Han Lee the insert-Asian-stereotype-here character. And now there's Jennifer Coolidge's character Sophie who is Polish and an eternal well of hard-knock Polish life jokes (also, Carolyn and Max assumed she was a sex-worker immediately, which was a whole other mess of stereotypes). 

So racism, eternal check.

Then there were the actual story lines. Max and Carolyn have begun working for Sophie as maids and their first job sees them to a fat guy's home. Carolyn doesn't want to do it calling it an "uncomfortable work environment". BECAUSE HE'S FAT. She then says that because it's "three times the amount of man [they] should get double the money". And if that's all not offensive enough, the toilet is huge and Carolyn freaks out, because yeah, ew, fat people. *cue laugh track* 

Alright, fat phobia, check.

The second apartment Max and Carolyn are sent to clean is the home of a super hot model (whew, amirite?) who leaves a note for them to wake him when they arrive. They look in on him and, damn, hottie is naked but for a strategically placed sheet. A sheet which Max and Carolyn immediately begin fighting over who gets to take a sneak peak under. Yep, nothing gross or sexual assaulty going on there. Oh, then Sophie arrives and because the hottie seems to have OD'd or something, proceeds to mount him and fucking make out with him under the guise of mouth to mouth. Oh man. Take away the canned laffs, add Ice T and you've got an episode of SVU.

So sexual assault? Big check. 

This show is appalling in nearly every way and it can't be long until they finally just get it over with and  perform a human sacrifice to the cackle of the laugh track. I won't continue watching it and I regret watching it for so long as I have. I don't have any excuse, just boredom when I've caught up on other shows that don't offend every one of my deeply held beliefs and also a bit of a crush on Kat Dennings. But it's too vile to continue supporting especially now that Megavideo is gone and my views will count for something. Just make some more movies, ok, Kat? – Alex Snider


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