The Boob Tube Review: The Walking Dead, Season 2, Ep. 9

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I don't know if the bar for quality has been lowered so low or if that was a legitimately a decent episode but, daaaaaaaaamn, I enjoyed it! There was tension, violence, gore, zombies and plot development! I mean a whole hour without an angry Shane shower? It's like six years of birthdays all at once! Good birthdays! We didn't escape completely unscathed: not only did Lori survive the car accident but her fetus did too; there was still a lot of shouting and stomping around the enchanted farm; people continued to mention Sophia (I know she only 'died' that morning but still, devoting 7 hours to looking for her was enough); Carl's sheriff's hat had more lines than T-Dog; and this whole plot line surrounding the extra who plays Maggie's sister (who isn't Otis' widow?) is so incredibly annoying I drift into a catatonic state just thinking about it. Overall, though, I am actually looking forward to next week.

Things I really enjoyed:
  • I am loving this turn of Hershel from proselytizing windbag into dude who can slug a bottle of whiskey then sober up in 20 minutes to sharp shoot some dude and perform a field amputation surrounded by zombies. Plus, he's really verbalizing how fucking awful Grimes and his rag-tag group of survivors are. 
  • When Grimes tried reasoning with René from True Blood's buddies from inside the old timey saloon and they got exhausted from all the moral posturing and just shot at him. THAT IS EXACTLY HOW I FEEL ALL THE TIME, extras who were eaten by zombies, impaled on a fence and played by a tape recorder
  • That there was no one pretending that they weren't living in a zombie-infested apocalyptic wasteland like in last episode when Lori worried about Carl growing up 'cold', or all the incessant Animal Planet-esque chest beating about protecting 'their' people. It was probably because we finally got to see someone actually get their face eaten off by zombies (it's about time, amirite?).
  • That it took, like, 8 hours for Hershel et al. to drive back from town and they drove back together even though Hersh went out on his own? Did he jog? Never mind that Maggie and Glenn made trips into town on horseback that included shopping and boning and still made it back in time for supper. 
  • That when they finally realized that the reason everyone was so much more relaxed was because Lori and her constant broodiness was gone, not a single one of the survivors thought to see if one of the cars was gone. 
  • That finally people other than Dale are starting to wise up to Shane's psychopathy. I absolutely love that Lori recognizes it, given how often female characters are expected to just roll with abusive male characters (especially in light of how his attempted rape was ignored). Also, that Grimes actually listened to Lori instead of being all Grimes-like and hand-waving it away. 
I'm excited to see how the confrontation between The Grimes' and Andrea and Shane goes down. I hope they can drag it out a bit and ramp up the tension. So, who will be killed next? (I'm thinking Andrea.) And when will they just replace T-Dog with a broom in a corner? – Alex Snider


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Unknown said...

Seriously, was T-Dog even IN this week's episode?

Alex Snider said...

Maybe he's already been replaced by a broom in the corner : (( Farewell, T-Dog, we hardly knew thee.

Ben said...

That was a totally bad-assed episode. I loved how intense it all was. When Glen went into the back room of the bar I was freaking so bad that I scared my poor, innocent little cat Ogger.

Alex Snider said...

I know! When that zombie (?) jumped out behind the frosted glass window? I almost spilled my soup.

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