Book Covers: Pictures of Hands by Alex Snider

Music alternative titles for this post: Clap Your Hands, Say Yeah. Knuckle Down. The Myth of Fingerprints. Wave of Mutilation. Snap Yo Fingers. Fistful of Tears. All Hands Against His Own. The Palm of Your Wave. Silver Trembling Hands. Shake a Fist. Treefingers. Hard to Hand(le). Clap Hands. The Palm Sunday Tornado Hits Crystal Lake. I Wanna Hold Your Hand.

Movie alternative titles for this post: Shake Hands with the Devil. Wristcutters: A Love Story. Idle Hands. Five Fingers. Tidal Wave. Pusher 2: With Blood on my Hands. Fistful of Dollars. Bare Knuckles. Cool Hand Luke. Fist of Unicorn. Fingersmith. The Yellow Hand(kerchief).

Idiom & colloquial alternative titles for this post: Lend Me a Hand. Flip the Bird. Getting Handsy. Hands On. Hands Off. Fisticuffs. Finger-Licking Good. High-Five. Flip the Bird. Showing Your Hand. In the Palm of my Hand. Slap on the Wrist. Hand Over Fist.

There were way too many choices : (


Alex Snider sometimes judges books by their covers. A version of this post originally appeared at her blog, What Fresh Hell is This?. Find her on Twitter here.

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