The Frontman From Oh No Forest Fires Wrote A Song About The Frontwoman From The Balconies And It Rules

Okay, so, if you're a Toronto indie music nerd, you'll know Rajiv Thavanathan from his days fronting rawking indie rockers Oh No Forest Fires. And you'll know The Balconies from our plan to marry them just as soon as arts & culture blog/indie band marriages are finally made legal in this country. Anything that brings the two together? Well, it's enough to make us weak in the knees.

Sadly, Oh No Forest Fires broke up back in 2010, but since then Thavanathan has been working on his own solo project, Secret Connection. He's even released an EP — The Agony of Lhermitte — which, as you'd expect, rules. And the best track on the album just so happens to be about Jacquie Neville, frontwoman of The Balconies.

Even better? She recently teamed with Balconies drummer Liam Jaeger to shoot a video for the song, which is mostly just her dancing around. Which is just fine by us. You can download the song — and the rest of The Agony of Lhermitte — for absolutely zero dollars, right here.

Photo: Rajiv Thavanathan back in his Oh No Forest Fires days (by Adam Bunch)


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