Songs You Can Dance Around Your Apartment To, Volume 29

We've been listening to even more new Canadian indie rock these days than we usually do. Which is saying something. So this week, we just gave into it, with a podcast that includes recent-ish favourites from Hands & Teeth, Hey Ocean!, Hooded Fang, Mother Mother and Will Currie and the Country French.


1. "That Great Love Sound" - The Raveonettes
2. "Promise Land" - Hooded Fang
3. "Surprising Me" - Will Currie and the Country French
4. "1901" - Phoenix
5. "Cheapskate" - Supergrass
6. "Goldstar" - Cashier No. 9
7. "The Death of Fernidand deSaussure" - The Magnetic Fields
8. "All the King's Men" - Wild Beasts
9. "Hunting Season" - Hands & Teeth
10. "Big Blue Wave" - Hey Ocean!
11. "The Stand" - Mother Mother
12. "I Fab Thee" - The Rheostatics


You can find every edition of Songs You Can Dance Around Your Apartment To here. If you are the copyright holder of any song included in this podcast and would like it removed, please contact us.

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