We Told You The Elwins Are Awesome

We don't mean to toot our own horns, but we sorta told you that you were going to fall in love with The Elwins. Back in 2011 during CMW we were lucky enough to catch these charming fellows at The Toronto Institute for the Enjoyment of Music for the Live Near Bellwoods series, a day that also introduced us to Hands & Teeth and an unbelievably intimate performance from Rich Aucoin. Since then we've been fawning over these guys. They were one of our very first Meet the Band stories and we've included them in our Songs You Can Dance Around Your Apartment To podcasts. Basically we've wanted to talk to them as much as we can without you complaining. Then again, why would you? This band is AMAZING. Catchy, genial and incredibly dapper, The Elwins are the sort of band you want to see succeed.

This Tuesday their debut album And I Thank You dropped and it encompasses everything we gush over them for. It's an album that will invent ear orgasms and make you believe in love again. Don't believe us? Buy it here. Better yet come to the album release show this Friday at the Burroughes Building with The Bicycles and The Meligrove Band and then stay for a dance party care of Tokyo Police Club and our lovers at Young Lions Music Club. Trust us when we tell you And I Thank You will be exactly what you say to The Elwins.

MP3: "Stuck In The Middle" by The Elwins


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