Artists To Watch: Haejung Lee

The main influence in the work of South Korean-born,  Toronto-based artist Haejung Lee are the little details that make up a person. "My obsession with documentation," she says, "is reflected in my artistic practice. I make art because I want to, but more importantly, I make art because I feel the need to. It is like I'm rushing to write something down on a piece of paper before I forget, before the rushing of the blood or thumping of the heart fades away and disappears completely. I feel a strong need to spill it all out before my imagination alters the purest form of truth, dilutes the authentic emotion until it becomes something else entirely. My artworks represent little pieces of me that have been archived, which otherwise may be forgotten through time. They are the proof of my existence. They become almost like photographic images that captures both the physical and emotional aspects of moments in my life."

Gypsophila Paniculata

I've Done Nothing

It's Okay, I'm Not Going Anywhere


Make It Your Own

Takes All Kinds Haejung Lee

Tea Party With Strangers Colour

 Teeth Are Falling Out

 Argument With Myself

For more on Haejung Lee you can visit her website here and her Tumblr here. You can contact her by email at


Posted by Carmen Cheung. You can check out all of our Artists To Watch here.


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