Boob Tube Review: Happy Endings, Season 2, Episode 19 by Alex Snider

In the Boob Tube Review, we discuss the television we've been watching. There are usually plenty of spoilers, so beware:

Ok, so we can all agree that Happy Endings is one of the five funniest shows on TV, right? If you, for some unfathomable reason, do not agree just go back and watch the "Cocktails and Dreams" episode again, fast for a week, then write me and the cast and all the writers a letter of apology. I mean, Kyle Busch for men? Pajoveralls? Hold on to your horses? Freddy Kruger? That pirate cereal? If every square inch of my apartment wasn't jammed packed with tchotckes and books I'd be rotflmmfao (?). 

Now then, moving along to last week's episode... I have been trying to figure out how I am like Jane for a while now. I know I am intense and controlling and overbearing and extremely competitive and veer towards perfectionist territory (all very Jane-like) but I am also really lazy and unmotivated. It is a real head-scratcher. "You Snooze, You Bruise" explained it all, all of my personality shortcomings (the unJanelike things, not the charming things like the controllingness and competitiveness!): people keep telling me to effing relax. 

Take for instance, the garbage situation with my neighbours. Our neighbours when not hogging the one (?!) bike post with bikes that they DO NOT RIDE FOR MONTHS or dumping litres of cat urine in the communal stairwell, simply refuse to take the garbage out. Ever. Or put the bins back behind our building after garbage day. Assholes. So every week, I get enraged and express my desire to my roommate to tell them just what I think of their sloughing off of responsibility. And my roommate, bless her non-confrontational little heart, tells me to sleep on it. And I do and then I end up following Tumblr flamewars for, like, twelve hours instead of doing anything mildly constructive. JUST LIKE JANE. (Ok, maybe not exactly, I'm not completely "chill". Whatever, whatever that even means.)

When my roommate and I watched this episode I could see the horror on her face as it dawned on her how she'd been rage-castrating me. Now I need an Alex (huh) to teach her (the Penny in this scenario) how to set the beast in me free so I can be productive and stuff. Long live the measured rage! – Alex Snider


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