CMW 2012: Will Currie & The Country French @ The Rivoli by Adam Bunch

WEDNESDAY – Well, RIM stocks might be plummeting, but there's still at least one consistently good thing coming out of Waterloo these days: Will Currie & The Country French. They might be young, but they've already been a part of the Canadian indie music scene for six years now, with two records, tours across Canada, and even a collaboration with Sloan under their belts. They spent the first night of Canadian Music Week playing to a pretty-full-for-a-Wednesday-night crowd at the Rivoli.

As usual, Currie belted out his tunes full-throttle, catchy throwbacks to the era of '70s singer-songwriters with fleshed out bands. And boy, is Currie's fleshed out. The Country French make their presence known on stage: he's got a nine-member backing band, including a four- and even sometimes five-piece horn section. The result is a big, powerful sound that fits Currie's energetic, up-tempo, piano-based rock perfectly.

The only disappointment – for a political nerd like me anyway – was that just a few days before the NDP leadership convention, they didn't play what I'm guessing is the only song ever written about NDP leadership, "Tommy Douglas". But it's a small complaint. When you get a show as good as the ones Will Currie & The Country French put on, it feels silly to be complaining.

MP3: "Surprising Me" by Will Currie and the Country French
MP3: "Tommy Douglas" by Will Currie and the Country French


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Text and photos by Adam Bunch

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