Ken Finkleman Has A New TV Show! About A Newsroom! With Samantha Bee!

Holy shit! You may — or quite likely may not — remember Ken Finkleman as the writer, director, producer and star of what may very well be one of the greatest television shows ever created: The Newsroom. The behind-the-scenes satire about a Canadian news show was a hit for the CBC back in the '90s. And then again in the '00s when it returned with new episodes. 

Now, after creating last year's hilarious and unrated HBO comedy Good Dog, it seems that Finkleman is heading back to the newsroom. Except that this time, instead of satirizing a public broadcaster, he's dropping the gloves and going after the vitriolic garbage spewed by Sun News (the shittier, Canadian equivalent to Fox News). In the new show, Finkleman's old Newsroom character, George Findlay, will take on a new job producing a right-wing news network. And The Daily Show's Samantha Bee is along for the ride, playing a Christian morning show host.

The show's called Good God. The first couple of episodes will premiere online on March 27 (just a week away!) and then hit the airwaves beginning April 9 on the Movie Network and Movie Central.


Here's a clip from the show:


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