Songs You Can Dance Around Your Apartment To, Volume 31

We can't for the life of us remember why we thought it would be a good idea to have a new blurb for these every week. It can be a bit frustrating having to come up with something clever to write when all you really want say is that this week's podcast is full of great shit: Nirvana, The Clash, The Hives, Naughty By Nature, James Brown and more.


1. "Main Offender" - The Hives
2. "Smells Likes Teen Spirit" - Nirvana
3. "Ayatollah" - Myles Deck & The Fuzz
4. "(I'm Gonna) Kick You Out" - Caesars Palace
5. "Gasmark" - RatTail
6. "Serious Bedtime" - The Balconies
7. "Rock The Casbah" - The Clash
8. "OPP" - Naughty By Nature
9. "ABC" - The Jackson 5
10. "Get Up Offa That Thing" - James Brown

You can find every edition of Songs You Can Dance Around Your Apartment To here. If you are the copyright holder of any song included in this podcast and would like it removed, please contact us.

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