Songs You Can Dance Around Your Apartment To, Volume 33

How exciting that in putting together this podcast of (mostly) new hip-hop tracks I wound up with 8 out of 11 lady MCs? And of those 8, 5 have yet to even drop an album? And that I didn't even have to try for this affirmative-rap-action? These are all just the tracks and artists I cannot stop listening to. Just try to not dance around your apartment.


1. "Smithsonian Institute of Rhyme" - Blackalicious:
2. "Jungle Fever Remix' - Angel Haze & Das Racist
3. "Jupiter's Critic & the Mind of Mars" - DJ Quik & Kurupt:
4. "Fuck Up the Fun" - Azealia Banks
5. "Hype Girl" - Dominique Young Unique
6. "212" - Azealia Banks
7. "Paris" - Jay Z & Kanye
8. "My World" - Iggy Azalea
9. "New Thing" - Rye Rye
10. "Car Song" - Spank Rock & Santigold
11. "Bad Girls" - MIA
12. "Dy-Na-Mi-Tee" - Ms. Dynamite

You can find every edition of Songs You Can Dance Around Your Apartment To here. If you are the copyright holder of any song included in this podcast and would like it removed, please contact us.

Alex Snider does A LOT of dancing around her apartment. She has recently taught herself how to shimmy and dougie. Suggestions of other easy to learn (i.e. YouTube tutorialed) dances would be appreciated. She blogs here and tweets here


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