Here Comes The Next Little Red Umbrella Variety Spectacular

Holy SHIT are we ever excited to announce the next edition of The Little Red Umbrella Variety Spectacular. It's just a couple of weeks away, on Thursday, April 19th. And this time around we've got yet another incredible line-up of performers: some of our very favourite writers and artists and musicians and comedians in Toronto. Plus, it'll all be happening at a brand new venue for us, the Ossington (at 61 Ossington) right in the heart of all the action on Queen West West. As always, it'll be 100% free with 10% of bar sales going to support the AIDS Committee of Toronto. So for once your hangover will be a source of pride instead of shame.

(The drinking starts at 8. Performances more like 8:30. Facebook invite here.)

Disco indie rockers CHRISTIEN SUMMERS will play their awesome dance songs, which you can download for free here.

Baseball bloggers DUSTIN PARKES & ANDREW STOETEN of Drunk Jays Fans and Getting Blanked will talk about the greatest sport ever invented. (You can check out their blogs here and here.)

Toronto poet PAUL DUTTON will perform some of his extraordinary poems. (You can see him perform with bp nichol, Steve McCaffery and Rafael Baretto-Rivera, back in the '80s, here.)

Imagining Toronto author AMY LAVENDER HARRIS will read from her next book, Acts Of Salvage. (You can read a bit from the introduction to Imagining Toronto here.)

Comedian DEBORAH ETTA ROBINSON will make you laugh. (You can watch some of her stand-up on YouTube here.)

And DJ FLEX ROCK will play SONGS YOU COULD DANCE AROUND YOUR APARTMENT TO (if you weren’t already dancing around the Ossington to them instead) into the wee hours of the morning.

Plus a little red umbrella photo booth, buttons for sale, and maybe a bunch of other stuff we haven't figured out yet.

And again, the Facebook invite is here.


Ben said...

Why not at the Holy Oak again?

Adam Bunch said...

Just mixing things up, trying a more central location.

Ben said...

I don't appreciate variety.

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