NXNE 2012: Christien Summers @ The El Mocambo

FRIDAY — We're not sure we've ever heard 20 people cheer more loudly. Christien Summers — the Toronto indie disco outfit who you may already know as one of our favourite local bands — were handed the 8 o'clock slot at The El Mocambo. That's pretty darn early by North By Northeast standards, and as they launched into their dance-happy set, the room was still pretty empty. Daylight filtered in from the open windows at the back of the room. But none of that stopped Christien Summers from whipping up the small crowd of people who had already arrived. The audience moved up to the space in front of the stage, bouncing along to the summery hooks and choruses that make up the band's dance anthems. Even when it's being played in front of just a few people, it's hard not to imagine a song like "Shoot The Breeze" coming out of stereos and iPods all over the country. (I mean, it could be huge. Like Len HUGE.) And when the set was done, the crowd let loose with a cheer that was waaaay louder than what you'd think 20 people could produce.

All of which suggests that the band's 1am set at the Cameron House on Saturday night should be a hell of a lot of fun.

Text by Adam Bunch. Photos by Carmen Cheung.

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