NXNE 2012: The F-Holes @ The Monarch Tavern

FRIDAY - As a Winnipegger, it's always a pleasure to see bands from my hometown play. The pleasure is even greater when it's an old friend's band playing, and even greater still when the band is as solid as The F-Holes. Looking like they just wandered out of a photograph from  the 1940s, The F-Holes played a mixture of swing, bluegrass, old-school country and rockabilly – all pretty damn perfectly. Lead vocalist Patrick Alexander has the range to go from sounding like Hank Williams to Honus Honus of Man Man to Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse (particularly on the Good News for People Who Love Bad News album) to something wholly his own – gravelly and pleading. The rest of the band (Blake Thomson – guitar and vocals, Eric Lemoine – banjo, Evan Friesen – drums and percussion, Jimmie James McKee – trumpet, euphonium and vocals (I am in awe of how perfectly their names all represent Winnipeg demographics)) brought a sound reminiscent of Man Man and bayou water with lots of wailing trumpet solos.

It's been at least six years since I saw The F-Holes play in Winnipeg, and about five years since I saw my friend Blake at a Social (of course) and it makes me so happy to see how well they are doing and how fantastic they sound. Local boys do well, fuckin' eh.

They play again tomorrow at the Dakota. Wear your dancing shoes.

MP3: "Angel In The Corner" by The F-Holes

Text by Alex Snider. Photos by Adam Bunch.

Sometimes Alex Snider misses going to a thousand Socials a year. Winnipeggers represent. Follow her on Twitter and read her blog


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