NXNE 2012: Tomboyfriend @ The Boat

WEDNESDAY - Guys, Tomboyfriend are so much fun. We love them. (A lot, a lot.) They are the kind of band that you watch and immediately feel the need to go find ten of your best friends and create the funnest (yep, whatever) band ever. A kind of band that you can co-ordinate your outfits with the venue, like if you play at the Boat, you all dress in some form of pirate regalia. Of course it would only work out if you could write as catchy, danceable songs and play as tight as Tomboyfriend. Their enthusiasm and exuberance and the passion they clearly have for performing ensures that they're a fun show to catch but their talent makes them a must-see anytime they play.

MP3: "Alexander McQueen" by Tomboyfriend
MP3: "Skank" by Tomboyfriend

Text by Alex Snider. Photos by Adam Bunch.

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Alex Snider wishes she was in a band like Tomboyfriend. Also, that she had any modicum of music talent and/or rhythm. When not writing for The Little Red Umbrella, she blogs at What Fresh Hell is This? and can be found lurking twitter under @what_freshhell.


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