NXNE 2012: The Black Belles @ The Garrison

THURSDAY — What woman (of a certain age) didn't love The Craft as a teenager? The empowerment promised by 'witchcraft' (not to be confused with wicca which is awesome in its own regard) is appealing to a lot of teenage girls, disenfranchised and marginalized as they so often are. Shit, I love all things witchy even now, which means obviously I was super jazzed to see goth grunge rockers The Black Belles. I wasn't disappointed, not by any lack of heavy black eyeliner and lipstick nor by their ability to bring the rock. Not just a novelty act of grown up Wednesday Addams', they've got the charm and the chops to make it big. They already have the support of Jack White, who signed them to his label, and they've appeared on The Colbert Report. Unfortunately the organist isn't touring with them at the moment but the other members, Ruby Rogers, Olivia Jean and Shelby Lynne more than make up for the lack. Lynne beat the crap out of her drum set, providing a solid backdrop for Rogers' solid bass and Jean's crunchy guitar and growly vocals. See them again tonight (Friday) at the Horseshoe (11pm) so you can say you saw them before they hit it huge. Then go out and buy a wide-brimmed, floppy black hat and we can all hang out and watch The Craft together. #witchyforever

MP3: "What Can I Do?" by The Black Belles

Text by Alex Snider. Photos by Carmen Cheung.

Alex Snider wants to have a witchy slumber party. We can watch The Craft and listen to The Black Belles. Who's in? Tweet your RSVP to her @what_freshhell.


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