Maybe The Next Season Of The Walking Dead Might Not Totally Suck? Maybe?

One of our favourite pastimes is making fun of how bad The Walking Dead is. After a sort of kind of vaguely promising first season, it went way the hell off the rails in its second year. For one thing, there weren't very many zombies for a show about zombies. In fact, nothing much happened at all. The characters spent most of their time hanging out on a farm arguing about whether or not they should give up looking for a missing child and move on even though most of them never really seemed to spend any time looking for the kid anyway. It was a boooooring mess.

But! It seems that at Comi-Con last week, they revealed the trailer for Season 3. It starts in October. And it almost has us not completely dreading the return of the show. It looks like there might actually be a lot zombies this year. Which would be nice. And it looks like some other shit might happen, too.

So here you go, check it out for yourself:


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