Magic At Summerworks (Literally)

If you were at The Little Red Umbrella's second Variety Spectacular, then you already know James Alan. He's the magician who performed, twisting the laws of physics and reason into undecipherable and highly entertaining knots. This week, he's performing a series of shows as part of the Summerworks Festival. It's called "Lies, Damn Lies & Magic Tricks". And it sounds pretty awesome. He reads minds, makes objects appear and disappear and even, according the press release, "forays into the history of deception from ancient conjuring tricks to impostor psychiatric patients." It's what he calls "a magic show for thinking people." Plus, he does a lot of it blindfolded!

He's got three shows left during the festival. This Friday at 7:30, Saturday at 2:20 and Sunday at noon. It's all happening at the ScotiaBank Studio Theatre (8 Noble Street, near Queen & Dufferin). And it'll only cost $15.

There's more info and you can buy tickets and stuff here


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