The Baseball Posts: The Most Amazing Play Of The Blue Jays' Season

Well, the first thing to mention is that the outfield walls at the SkyDome are really, really high. Like really high. If they weren't, thanks to the Dome's super-bouncy AstroTurf, balls would be  bouncing over the walls for ground rule doubles all the time. To keep that from happening, they've built the walls 10 feet high. That's the same height as the rim of a basket in the NBA. And so, while in other ballparks outfielders make dramatic leaping catches over the wall to pull back potential home runs at the last possible moment, that just doesn't happen in Toronto. In the entire 23 year history of the SkyDome, no Blue Jays outfielder has ever managed to do it. Only one player for any team ever has — Ken Griffey Jr., one of the all-time greats, who will be heading to the Hall of Fame just as soon as he's eligible.

That is, no Blue Jays player had ever done it until yesterday. This is Rajai Davis, heading back to the warning track, timing his jump just so and then...

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