You Could Have Seen A Quarter of The Amazing Spider-Man Before It Even Came Out

As you're probably already more than aware, big studios show way too much shit in their trailers. Far too often, it seems like you've seen the entire movie before you've even stepped foot in the theatre. And in case you had any doubt about that, Toronto's Louis Plamondon has driven the point home with his Ultimate Super Preview of The Amazing Spider-Man. The movie itself opened a few weeks ago, but before it hit the silver screen, Plamondon pieced together a 25 minute long trailer made up of publicly available footage of the film. It's pretty spectacular. That's almost a quarter of the entire thing, so you pretty much see the whole plot start to finish.

Of course, we'll probably go see it anyway. Emma Stone's in it, after all.

Here's the trailer (with a short ad first — apologies for that):


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