The Farmer's Only Daughter: How To Make Animal Jars

Have you ever wondered, "Hey, what could I do with a bag of plastic animal figures?" No? Well I have. This little project cost approximately $10 but most of that was for the spray paint and super glue and I have lots of that left.

What you will need:

- plastic animal figures in any variety, I used horses  (available at any dollar store)
- glass jars with lids (I bought three from the dollar store, but I've also been saving pickle jars, pesto jars etc. to do this again)
- spray paint (the kind that will stick to plastic)
- super glue

Step 1: Spray paint your animals and jar lids and let dry a few hours (I stood mine up in a pizza box outside and did three coats)
Step 2. Super Glue the feet of your animals to the tops of the lids

You're done! Now you have cute little jars perfect as a hostess gift filled with nuts or spices, or bath-salts etc. but seriously there is SO much you could do with this idea. Dinosaurs on jars for a little boys room??? Farm animals??? The options are endless. I even saw one idea somewhere on the net where you carve out awhole in a larger animal's back and make it a effing candle holder or a planter for a succulent! HA! Man I love crafts.

I have a couple horse lovers in mind for these ones... and I just gifted one filled with candy for my brother-in-law for his birthday:

Happy crafting!

Love Desiree


The post originally appeared on Desiree Proveau's blog, The Farmer's Only Daughter, the newest contributor to The Little Red Umbrella:

My name is Desiree and the farmer's only daughter is exactly who I am. That's me in the picture, with my dad, on the farm, on the day I was married. Like most major events in my life, it took place on the family farm which was first run by my great, great grandparents, then passed to my great grandparents, then to my grandparents and now to my father. This has been both a blessing and a curse — as a young women growing up in Effingham, there was always tension between my rural roots and my burgeoning sense of style. That all changed, just before this picture was taken, when I moved to Toronto with my then boyfriend and now husband, James. Now I get the best of both worlds, and while living in the midst of urban glitz and excess I've learned to incorporate the lessons I learned on my father's farm: to make due or mend, to never use anything just once, and to re-purpose what's no longer useful. My style is definitely a reflection of that; this blog is my attempt to share my designs, my crafty lifestyle, and maybe inspire someone to make something beautiful.  

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