Artists To Watch: GuavaDeArtist

Pop art meets street art meets cartoon art meets something a little disturbing in GuavaDeArtist's work. Which makes us pretty big fans. So we thought we catch up with him and give you a little taste of what he's up to. First a bit more info: 

GuavaDeArtist is the alias of a self taught professional pop artist and newspaper cartoonist from the country of Antigua and Barbuda.

The artist mainly works in the confines of his South Beach apartment using varied materials (acrylic paint, wood, vinyl, metal or recycled materials) to bring his characters to life.

Guava's artistic origins came to him at the age of two when he saw his first drawing performed by his mother, a non artist. From that point he decided art was to be his profession.

Guava's work has been covered by Miami's Thrill List magazine, LIAT magazine (Antigua and Barbuda/Caribbean) , and The Daily Observer (Antigua and Barbuda).

GuavaDeArtist lives and works in Miami.

For more on GuavaDeArtist you can visit his website here, and check out his Facebook page here. You can also see more work on Cargo Collective here

Posted by Carmen Cheung. You can check out all of our Artists To Watch here.


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