Autumn Craft: Velvet Pumpkins! by Desiree Proveau

I came across a picture on the net somewhere of velvet pumpkins and I instantly thought of my mom. She's always had a knack for creating really pretty seasonal displays and if I had to choose a fabric to best describe her, it would be velvet, hands down. Perfect opportunity for a... Create- A- Date!  

We went down to Fabric Land to pick up some velvet. Too expensive! So we went with some variations: stretch velvet, some silky stuff that looked like velvet and cotton velvet. Verdict: They all looked good, but the least amount of stretch and the thinner fabrics had the better results.

What you'll need:
Velvet, or another material of your choosing
Strong thread 
Pumpkin or Squash Stem - or another material to use as a stem.  (We used rhubarb root and gnarly sticks because we didn't have enough pumpkin stems to go around but pumpkin stems look the best)
Funnel (optional)
Glue gun (optional)

Step 1: Trace a circle using your bowl.
(the bigger the circle the bigger your pumpkin)

Step 2: Cut out the circle

Step 3: Sew along the edge of your circle, right side facing down leaving
a long tail like in the picture below. (Gather the fabric as you go)

Step 4: Pull both ends of your thread to gather the fabric into a little sack leaving two long tails.

Step 5: While being careful not to lose the two ends of thread(tails), pull the bag open wide enough to fit a funnel in the opening and begin filling the bag with rice.  (you don't need to use a funnel, but it's the least messy method)

Step 6: Once it's fully filled, carefully remove the funnel and pull both ends of thread to close the opening and tie it in a knot.  You'll have a small opening at the top for your stem to fit into or glue over.

Step 7: Glue your stem on top with a hot glue gun, or carefully insert it in the opening.  If you have your stem stuck in the opening, be careful not to tip it over. It's best just to glue it on top but since I didn't have enough pumpkin stems, I wanted to be able to leave them unglued so I can replace my sticks and roots with pumpkin stems as they become available.  

I think they look pretty awesome!

So there you have it... a craft for the fall season!

If you decide that this craft is for you, I want to see it!  Send me a picture to:

Thanks for reading!
Love Desiree


Desiree Proveau is a farmer's only daughter, now living in Toronto. In the midst of urban glitz and excess, she's incorporates the lessons she learned on her father's farm: to make due or mend, to never use anything just once, and to re-purpose what's no longer useful. She shares her designs, crafty lifestyle, and inspirations at The Farmer's Only Daughter.


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