The Balconies and Hands & Teeth Cover Justin Bieber

Amaaaaazing. We've been thinking a lot about Carl Wilson's book recently — the one he wrote about Celine Dion for the 33 1/3 series — and about how it helped to change the way we think about music. How we're less likely to be grumpily critical of someone for listening to something they like, even if it's generally regarded by cool people like us to be total crap.

So this Justin Bieber cover, performed by a couple of the best bands in T.O. and filmed by Southern Souls, is an extra nice reminder that the line between super-cool underground indie rock and super-uncool radio-friendly pop pablum isn't as clear as we like to think it is sometimes. After all, twelve year old girls were the first people to love The Beatles. And with a little distortion, some re-imagining, and tight harmonies (and jesus are Hands & Teeth ever good at harmonies) even the Bieb's biggest anthem can make for some pretty kickass fun.



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