Just A Few Of The Names We've Been Called By Ron Paul Supporters

It's Election Day in America (go vote, American friends!) and the end of this lonnnnnnnnng campaign has us reminiscing a bit. Back in January, when we still weren't sure who the Republican nominee was going to be, a lot of liberals seemed to be hoping for Ron Paul. Which struck us as kind of weird, since if you're looking at it from a liberal perspective, Ron Paul kind of fucking sucks.

So we wrote a piece called, "Let's Be Clear, Ron Paul Fucking Sucks. Here Are 20 Reasons Why." It listed stuff like the fact that he wants to repeal the Civil Rights Act, that he doesn't believe in evolution, and that he thinks climate change is a hoax. It's mostly stuff he's pretty open about — from his speeches and website and interviews — but some liberals seemed to be overlooking a lot of it while they gushed about his promises to end all foreign wars and legalize pot.

Ron Paul fans were none too pleased with our post. Which wasn't surprising. But as the article went viral, we were kind of caught off guard by the overwhelming torrent of hate that descended upon us. It literally broke our comment section. And to be honest, it was a bit upsetting. Apparently, that's something Ron Paul supporters are known for: swarming any online opposition to their candidate. They call them PaulBots. And while we're sure you can support Ron Paul without being hateful, that can't be said of the vast majority of the comments that were left on our site and other sites where our post was shared.

Since it was such an eye-opening experience for us during this election year, we thought we'd share a few of the names they called us (and our Editor-in-Chief, who penned the editorial). It's a little reminder on this Election Day: of the kind of hate and intimidation that can still come your way if you speak your mind; of all those bloggers who have had to face waaaaaay more hate than we do and still do every day (seriously, have you tried having a feminist blog?); of how lucky we are to live somewhere where we get to cast a ballot against this kind of shit; and of those who aren't so lucky, who live in places where hate turns far too easily into violence.

So here we go with just a few of the names we've been called. (Obvious warning: some of the language used is deeply offensive.)

Let's start with: an "idiot", an "uneducated idiot", "an idiot of the highest proportion", "an idiot and brainwashed on top of it… an embarrassment to Human beings", "an embarrassment to humanity", lacking in "any integrity" as a human being. A "victim of the establishment" who "will enjoy his life as a slave", "mindless", "delusional", "moronic", "blind", and "insane", "brainwashed by the mainstream media", "You know what social media is telling you and nothing else."

They suggest we're among "The pathetic brainwashed lost souls [who] are like cockroaches that need to be squashed by the constitution." A "dim witted fool", "a disgusting imbecile", "the biggest moron I've ever seen", "a Person who is weak minded... does not know how to interpret data and does not understand how our system is rigged, corrupted and set up to maintain complete control by the Illuminati and the Nazis who own it". "Maybe if we get rid of the Americans With Disabilities Act retards like this writer will have to go back to banging their heads against the wall. Im all for it."

"Ignorant", "truly ignorant", "ignorant ass", "ignorantly, ignorant", "the most ignorant person ever". "You may be one of the most misinformed, blinded, uneducated and brainwashed individuals to actually hold a job as a writer". We're either "getting paid by Hollywood or a lobbiest". "ASSHOLE", "douchebag", "ass clown", "dick", "buttfucker", "a fag-loving lib-head!", evidence of "the fucking political and cultural sewer that is the city of Chicago".

We think one person may have been suggesting that we're undercover FBI agents.

As progressives, they said, we're "used to solving problems with violence" and want to "Have the federal police rob Americans at gunpoint and then send African dictators the money". A "disinformationist", "very dishonest", "slanderous", a liar. "You should slap yourself in the face." A "total moron" who "shouldn't be allowed to use the internet." A "conformist", "Zombie", a "close minded sheep", in love with the status quo. And also an "ideological extremist".

We're "In the line with establishment republicans", "Fox News bullshit", "fucking right-wing religious bastards", one of "Fox's new democrat bloggers", "a hardcore republican christian type who grew up sucking on your moms tits until you were fucking 12... go suck your moms tit or beat off to a picture of Bush sr. you worthless prick." And also a "socialist", "communist", a "brain-dead, toe-tag liberal", "a stupid liberal douchebag" and "the Rush Limbaugh of the left." "You can put your little red communist umbrella where the sun don't shine you ignorant fool."

"Please don't ever become a journalist. Any news company you work for will die a horrible and painful death." "I hate niggers, I hate homosexuals, I hate pro evolutionist, I hate pretty much all of you faggots on this website." "i hope you die fuckface... death to iran and jews! go china!"

"You cunt :)"

And there was also this delightful email:

"If that was you that posted that crap on informant news I got something to say to you,I went to your site to get a look at your filthy mug,just as I figured a filthy little red birthed from the pulsing womb of a cackkling witch from hell. You are going to get your wish for hell on earth sooner than you think you maggot,you have no clue what is about to transpire on this planet,I laugh when I think about how you and yours will cry for mercy from the demon you worship as he feasts on your rotted flesh and has your soul for dessert. You are lower than snake shit on the evolutionary scale. Have a nice day you dung eating maggot! If that wasn't you,disregard my opinion."

That last line cracks us up. 


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