The Boob Tube Review: The Walking Dead's The Call Was Coming From Inside the House By Alex Snider

This week, the Governor continued his crazy line scribbling and nefarious plotting and Vampire Bill-informed method acting by seducing Andrea (not a great feat) in the least compelling love scene I've ever born witness to. Again, I'm not convinced by the Governor's villainy; he just seems like a pretty chill guy who likes throwing parties and sharing booze. Although it looks like we're going to be getting a more in depth look at both Merle and the Governor's sadistic sides as they interrogate/threaten/torture Glenn and Maggie next episode. I'm just hoping there won't be any sexual violence; people can be shown as monsters without having to subject female characters to rape. Then again, the show has done nothing to comment on Merle's racism which at this point just seems to be stock trait #2 for redneck character.

So Woodbury pretty much held the status quo this episode, as did the prison for the most part. It seemed to be a filler episode to just connect the Governor's town and Rick's group. You can really see the differences between Darabont and Mazzara's storytelling in these episodes. Last season, a filler episode consisted of petty arguing – they were basically like soap opera serials, where each episode is only five minutes of real time and the one conversation takes months. This season, they have some action, some action and the plot is actually propelled forward. There is tension and emotion and plots get resolved. I'm actually looking forward to watching the show now.

Some bits and pieces:

  • In a twist that shocked no one, the phones in the prison do not in fact work. They just serve to neatly tie up loose ends like Rick ignoring his wife her whole pregnancy then getting her forgiveness from beyond the grave. How nice for him.
  • He also got to chat with Jacqui, who is now this season's most frequently spoken name. It's like the writers are trying to make up for all their race fail by reminding us of the woman they killed off in season one, to little fanfare then didn't mention for an entire season. I hope they name the baby after her. Jacqui T-Dog Morgan Grimes: never forget.
  • I really enjoy Hershel's Tim Allen-esque transformation into Santa Claus – they must be coming up to Christmas! I'm sure they'll find a fully stocked holiday store (at the mall, next to the baby store) so they can properly celebrate.

"Shhhh, I've been replaced by Scott Wilson in
 The Santa Clause 17: Ho Ho Ho-ld Off the Zombies"

  • A new breakout character this week was Gargulio, who showed that the writers can do something with characters who are not descended from the Anglo-Saxons. Gargulio experienced more character development than any regular minority character has in three seasons, he started out a nervous, pacifist and wound up revenge-mad and bloodthirsty. Granted, since it took two scenes by the end of which he was murdered, I can't say it was a home run on the writer's part. It was more like a single (off a walk).
  • Michonne getting covered in zombie guts and being able to stroll through hordes of walkers was a nice callback to season one when Rick and Glenn and Daryl discovered the same thing. Don't know why they never since used zombie-musk to, you know, survive. I guess they were prizing hygiene over life. It's kinda like if Alexander Fleming just threw away penicillin – ew, fungus! Death always! The scene of Michonne wandering through the walkers unassailed was just like a dramatic version of this hilarious Key and Peele skit: 

  • Oh and Carol's back. I'm glad? Also confused as to why she just hung out in that closet lightly pawing the door and why she was so weak that Daryl had to carry her. It had been, what, six hours? Don't get me wrong, when I have low blood sugar I can barely do anything either but extenuating circumstances?  Maybe she rolled her ankle? But it's cool, just another chance for a lady to be rescued.


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