Dangerband's Got An Awesome New 7-Inch

We're still trying to wrap our heads around the idea that one of Toronto's best old school '90s-esque power-pop groups was formed by a bunch of guys who probably spent part of the 1990s learning how to walk. But that's Dangerband for you. And their raucous retro awesomeness continues: they've followed up their debut EP with a brand new 7-inch featuring a pair of get-drunk black-out wake-up-three-weeks-later-hungover-in-a-dumpster party songs, "Stupid Boyfriend" and "Sink". Both of which you can download below.

The record release party happens Thursday night (Feb. 21) at the Bovine Sex Club, with Pkew Pkew Pkew (Gunshots) and Viva Mars. You can check out all the info on Facebook here.

MP3: "Stupid Boyfriend" by Dangerband
MP3: "Sink" by Dangerband



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